Laurent Abécassis

Photographer, videographer

After graduating a movie school, Laurent Abecassis shares his professionnal activities between photography and video. He directed movies, such as documentaries, short films, music videos.

Particularly interested by processes of artistic creation, he worked with mimes (Marcel Marceau among others), dancers (indian dance, african ballets, contemporary dance), musicians (mainly jazz).

With a passion for music, musician himself, he worked as a photographer for many jazz festivals, and organized exhibitions on this theme since 2001. He still works in collaboration with musicians and concert halls.

Through journeys, readings and encounters, he got more and more interested by asian cultures, and particularly by the links between art, buddhism and society. He travels regularly to Asia (India, Nepal, Bhoutan, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma), and organizes exhibitions with the material he brings back.

Laurent Abecassis still works with photography and video on music and dance stages, while going on his researches on asian traditions during his various journeys.